Welcome to Northbrook Fish Farm
  • Top quality fish, bred in a beautiful location
    Whether you are a fly fisherman or you own a lake, reservoir or river in need of re-stocking, Northbrook Fish Farm breeds the very best trout. Andrew Tupper, owner of Northbrook Trout Farm  and Fishery in Chichester West Sussex has been breeding trout for over 35 years. He understands exactly what his customers are looking for: strong, clean, hard-fighting fish that are free of disease and which thrive when introduced to a new location.
  • The best fly fishing Chichester West Sussex has to offer
    Northbrook Trout Farm has a stunning private lake with space for three rods at a time, but friendly groups of up to eight are also catered for. Well stocked with our own trout, we offer superb facilities and a beautiful setting.
  • Trout Hatchery
    We breed the very highest quality trout for re-stocking purposes. From eyed eggs to month fed or 5 gram fish, either all-female or triploid, we can produce Brown, Rainbow Blue trout to order.
  • Fly fishing or restocking
    Every fish is bred and raised in the spring-fed waters at Northbrook Fish Farm, near Chichester West Sussex. Inspected annually by DEFRA (CEFAS), our trout are certified disease-free and are raised without antibiotics or vaccination. Chosen for their hard-fighting tendencies, we can produce Brown, Rainbow or Blue trout to order.
  • Triploid or All-Female
    Every trout supplied by Northbrook Fish Farm is either a Triploid or an All-Female to avoid complications with early maturation or aggression. This is also Environment Agency policy for many stocked waters. Every stage of the breeding process is meticulously planned and monitored to ensure clients receive the fish they have come to expect from Northbrook Fish Farm.